Serve the fundamental needs



Serve the fundamental needs


PHOTALIA engineers develop optimized and innovative solutions that meet the cultural and technical requirements of each field.

All our solutions are designed, produced, assembled and tested by us in France in the spirit of responding with simple, efficient, easy to use products that do not require complex maintenance.

Designed, produced and assembled in our workshops, hygiene and disinfection within everyone’s reach thanks to the E’CHLO ™ kit.


  • Easy-to-use plug & play all-in-one kit

  • Patented Electro-chlorination Technology

  • Solar direct drive power supply without battery

  • Disinfection of surfaces, water and asepsis of wounds

  • Solution developed with emergency and development programs professionals


  • Secured : production and temperature control with automatic stop

  • Robust by the ingenuity of its design and the quality of its assembly and components used

    After analyzing your needs, we offer complete turnkey kits using one of the different E’CHLO ™ ranges:





E’CHLO ™ improves access to safe and quality drinking water and contributes to good hygiene practices at the household level “

WASH technician


All orders are subject to our Term of sales.

Designed, produced and assembled in our workshops, access to water for all with its patented universal pumping inverter (UPI).

Modular design for efficient maintenance and repair.

Complete plug & play system with many functions:

  • Solar direct drive power supply without battery
  • Integrated lightning protection
  • Hybrid power supply compatible with solar fields, generators and three-phase and single-phase networks
  • Heat-cooled by natural convection for UPI 2006 and heatsink fans for UPI 2013/2019
  • Simple and ergonomic installation with a compartment in the box dedicated to electrical connections
  • Sure by the integrated protection against the risks of direct and indirect contacts by LED messages and indications allowing a simple and effective exploitation

After the analysis of your needs, we propose complete turnkey pumping solutions using one of the 3 ranges of UPI, which cover all the demands and configurations.


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